April 22, 2022

Introducing Ana

Introducing Ana

Say hello to Ana! Ana has been working with Mayamam Weavers for the past 3 years as a foot loom weaver.

Before she joined the cooperative, she was sewing cortes and huipils to sell as well as taking care of her family’s housework. Growing up in Cajolá, Ana was only able to go to school through the ninth grade because her father didn’t have enough money for her to continue. She was very disappointed not to continue with school and now she dreams of a different world for her daughter. As a single mother of a 5 year old girl named Nataly, Ana is grateful to be able to send her to preschool at no cost. This work benefit is available to all members of the cooperative.


“The program helps a lot because while I am working, Nataly is learning, and she is safe.”

Ana is proud of everything Nataly has been learning at school such as the letters of her name and she sees an improvement her confidence. Watching her grow, Ana wants her daughter to be able to study and go farther in school than she was able to.

 As a foot loom weaver, Ana enjoys the art of weaving, and especially enjoys weaving cuadritos and the windowpane scarves.

She appreciates working in a group because that way she can understand the whole process of creating each product from beginning to end. She also values the flexible working hours that the cooperative has. Any member is able to be excused from work for family or school commitments because as we know, that work life balance is important!