July 10, 2019

Barbecue – the Universal Language!

Barbecue – the Universal Language!

Yes, we know, music is really the universal language, but we think there is a case to be made for the shared human experience of roasting food over an open fire, basting it with sauces redolent of spice and a shared cultural heritage. From Central Texas, where there are passionate advocates of a pepper and spice dry rub, to South Carolina and its famous (some might say infamous) sweet and tangy vinegar and mustard sauce, we all have our own idea of what constitutes “real, authentic” barbecue. Here in Guatemala, barbecue is known as churrasco, and families gather together outdoors to grill a variety of marinated meats – steak, fish or longaniza sausages – over natural charcoal. After cooking, the meat is served with a variety of traditional sauces, such as chirmol, a charred tomato and mint salsa. In Cajolá we are famous for our chiltepe salsa (made from chiltepin peppers which are 23 times hotter than a jalapeno, only for the boldest of taste buds).

Want to try the tastes of Guatemala? Here’s an easy recipe for a Guatemalan Churrasco you can make at home.

How to Succeed without Really Frying

So, whether you are sticking with your own traditions or trying something new, every chef will have to face the moment of truth, braving the searing heat to set a feast on the table for family and friends. And we have you covered! Our barbecue mitts are not just padded cotton. We line them with Nomex, the same flame-resistant material used in firefighter uniforms, plus Insul-brite® insulating material, and cotton batting, to withstand 11 seconds at 400°F. The mitts come in a variety of our colorful signature stripes all lined in a complementary solid color handwoven fabric. For the fashion conscious — or maybe just a bit messy — cook, we have matching bib aprons.

Finally, to make your churrasco festivities completely worry-free, mitts and aprons are machine washable. We’re not naming names, but the models in our pictures wear their mitts and aprons in real life. With summer upon us, make sure you are ready, with the right equipment for yourself, or maybe, the perfect gift for your grillmaster/host!

Which stripe will you choose?