FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions

About your order

We package your purchase in a box, nestled in red tissue paper. There are no price tags on the product, you can feel free to send it directly as a gift! Each package contains a postcard explaining the story of the weavers. Use the customer notes section on the cart page, or send us an email using the contact form to tell us what message you would like us to write, or if you would like more than one postcard included in the box.

About our products

How should I clean my new woven products?

Our products are easy to care for and will last a long time. With the exception of the scarves and kimonos which are woven in the windowpane weave, everything is washable. Most of the products can be washed and dried and need little or no ironing if they are removed promptly from the dryer. Wash them in cold water with detergent, do not use chlorine bleach. Dry on medium heat. We recommend hand washing the wraps and shawls as the fringe gets quite tangled in the machine. The scarves & kimonos should be dry cleaned either at the dry cleaners or in your dryer. Cotton wants to fill in the holes in the weaving when it gets wet, so although your colors will stay beautiful, the weave will be closed and not as lightweight and airy.

What are Mayamam's products made from?

Our products are all woven from 100% cotton yarn dyed to our specifications using azo-free dyes.

Are Mayamam's products organic?

Not yet! But organic yarn has recently become available to us in Guatemala. We are exploring the possibilities of using it in the future. Our products are not organic, but we are currently exploring the possibilities of using organic yarns since organic yarn has recently become available to us in Guatemala.

Where are Mayamam's products made?

All our products are made by the Mayamam Weaving Cooperative, a groupo of foot loom weavers, backstrap weavers, and seamstresses located in Cajola, Guatemala.

How do Mayamam’s products get designed?

We have a marvelous collaboration with the weavers. Sometimes we ask them to weave something “different” (whatever that might mean.). And then we are inspired to make something out of it.

Where do you ship from and how quickly?

We promise to ship your order within one business day.

We ship from our small warehouse in NJ.

About our weaving cooperative

How much profit goes back to the artisans?

Mayamam Weavers was created specifically to market the products of the weaving cooperative in the United States, so actually they receive all of the profits! The cooperative is a small independent business in Cajola, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. We have been working with them for many years to develop their capacity to manage their own business. Today they manage themselves with a “Council” that shares the responsibility for managing the business. It is made up of representatives from each of the work areas – foot loom weavers, backstrap weavers, and seamstresses – along with the Sales & Marketing Coordinator, the Quality Control Coordinator, the Production Coordinator, and the Accounting Coordinator. 

How does your company “give back” to the cooperative?

We work closely with the women who make up the cooperative to ensure they have the training and skills to do great work. The women who wish to continue to study (or their children) are eligible to receive scholarships to study at the middle school, high school, and university levels. Master weavers and other craftsmen help the women expand their skills during on-site workshops. There is also an on-site preschool for the weavers' children.


Special Orders

Does Mayamam work with wholesalers?

Yes we do! Please use our contact page to send us a message requesting our catalog.

Can we order a large quantity of product?

Yes! If we don’t have the quantity you need in our warehouse, we can let you know what the turnaround time would be. Contact us on our website form and let us know what product you want and the quantity you need and we will let you know how long it would take to ship, as well as whether it might require a deposit.

Do you make custom products?

Yes, we do! Please contact us using our website form, and start a conversation. Turnaround time and price will depend on your specific request. We can easily make up one of our products with a different selection of our fabrics. We can create a new product for you, or create a new fabric, but the time and expense will depend on the complexity. We would love to hear from you!


About Mayamam Weavers

Why are you members of the Fair Trade Federation?

We are proud to be members of the Fair Trade Federation, a membership organization in North America which has a high set of standards to in order to belong. To become a member there is a thorough application process which demonstrates your commitment to the 9 principles of Fair Trade. And once you are accepted as a member, the annual renewal process requires reaffirming that you still practice the principles of Fair Trade. We are proud to be members working with so many other companies committed to the idea of using trade to improve the lives of many talented but poor artisans throughout the world. The annual Fair Trade Federation conference is a wonderful opportunity to exchange stories, learn from others about successful strategies, (It is always open to anyone should you be interested…check out the Fair Trade Federation website for details for the current year).