November 20, 2021

What's your toiletry bag personality?

What's your toiletry bag personality?

Customers consider our toiletry bags and cosmetic bags to be travel essentials whether they’re flying across the country, around the world, or just spending a weekend in the city.  They make great holiday gifts for friends and family for several reasons. They are practical, one size fits all, handmade and they are beautiful. For a little inspiration, we thought we’d share some toiletry bag personalities with you. Do you have a friend that fits one of these profiles?

The Environmentalist

The Environmentalist wants to save the planet, and they are always looking for small ways to make a difference. They have taken a deep dive into plastic free  and they carry a reusable straw and utensils with them wherever they go. Inside their toiletry bag, you will find a shampoo bar, bamboo tooth brush and powdered toothpaste. Our Natural & Sage Toiletry Bag is the perfect match for them. With a minimalist feel, the khaki canvas and natural sage green colors come straight from Mother Earth herself.


The Beauty Guru

The Beauty Guru has all the travel tips and tricks down to a science when she travels. You’ll find makeup, hydrating facial spray and eye drops in her toiletry bag. For long flights, she adds sheet masks to her bag too. The Diamond Stripe Magenta Toiletry Bag is a fun, bright and colorful bag to hold the Beauty Gurus’ treasures. She also appreciates the complementary Diamond Stripe Lime Yellow Cosmetic Bag where she can keep her makeup separate from everything else.  


The Health Conscious

Even before the pandemic, the Health Conscious Traveler was armed with hand sanitizer everywhere they traveled. Always prepared for worst case scenario, they keep pain reliever, band aids, alcohol wipes and some spare face masks “just in case”. We think the calming stripes of our Stormy Blues Toiletry Bag will help set the tone for smooth trips for the Health Conscious Traveler.

toiletry bag


The Gadget Geek

The Gadget Geek focuses primarily on their electronic gear and they are more interested in keeping it organized than in figuring out where in their suitcase their body wash will be.  The Black & Gray Toiletry Bag fits the bill for this technophile and makes a handy storage bag for charging cords and adapters.  A coordinating pencil case houses  smaller items like smaller cords, or USBs within the Black and Gray Toiletry Bag.

Adventure Traveler

Extremely bold, the Adventure Traveler is prepared to go where no other friends have gone. They seek out thrills via zip lining, paragliding or perhaps even a safari. Inside their bag you’ll find sunscreen and hand warmers because they like to be prepared for the extremes! The Adventure Traveler is an extrovert that likes to stand out in a crowd, just like our Bright Rainbow Toiletry Bag. Like the other personalities, they appreciate the nylon lining that can be wiped down in the event that the sunscreen spills along the way.

Our toiletry bags are handwoven of 100% cotton and lined with waterproof nylon.  Adjustable clips make it easy to make the bag bigger or smaller depending how much room you need.  Every dopp kit we make is machine washable, no more worrying about spilled anything. Available in ten colors and amply sized to fit everything you need, we have the right bag for you no matter what your personality is!