February 18, 2024

Tried & True Favorite Travel Essentials

Tried & True Favorite Travel Essentials

This month we turn from our talented artisans in Guatemala to the team in North America. Our small but mighty team in the U.S. handles the shipping, some of the design work, the photography and the website. With a variety of strengths (and weaknesses), our team is good at juggling different tasks and we all have one thing in common. We all love to travel! Mayamam Weavers Travel Collection is filled with not only beautiful but helpful products that help you stay organized and make your trips a little easier and more comfortable. We thought we would share some of our favorite Mayamam Weavers travel products we just can’t leave home without. Quite honestly, we all had a really hard time narrowing it down to one favorite.

Caryn has been regularly traveling to Guatemala for a couple of decades and has literally traveled more than a million miles back and forth from New Jersey to Cajolá. She has also enjoyed exploring other areas from the coast to Lago Atitlán. You’ll find not one but two change purses in her bag along with a cord tortilla. Staying organized when you travel is key. Caryn loves the Rainbow Red and the Rainbow Blue color ways best for the coin purse. Inside one she keeps credit cards and money while the other holds the USBs she travels with. The cord tortilla keeps charging cords neatly organized and easy to find in her backpack. According to Caryn, the most important piece of traveling advice is to always stay patient. “These days traveling can sometimes be the adventure you weren’t looking for with flight delays, missed connections and cancellations. Patience and a deep breath can make all the difference in the world to how much you enjoy your trip.”

Robin is also a fan of our small pouches but the luggage tag is the game changer! A vibrant striped Mayamam Weavers luggage tag truly stands out on the baggage carousel in a sea of black rolling suitcases. No more trying to read every tag as it goes by, it’s easy to spot our tags from far away. Robin also never leaves home without a pencil case filled with an assortment of colorful pens and pencils. Her favorite colorway is the black and gray stripe. It makes her smile every time she unzips the bag and sees the bright punchy orange lining. Her wife, Jen, a real estate agent in NYC, uses a pencil case of her own as a “key bag,” keeping all of the keys she needs for work in one place. Robin enjoys traveling to visit friends and family in the U.S., hiking in natural places as well as exploring new countries. She always keeps her eyes out for beautiful textiles while she’s traveling and enjoys exploring a new culture through crafts. Robin’s favorite travel advice is all about the bags. “I never use bags that can’t be closed, and I don’t carry anything that isn’t in a bag. That way, I can always count the bags and know if anything is missing.”

Jennifer’s favorite Mayamam product is the toiletry bag with a travel wrap closely following that. She tucks a wrap in her carryon when she travels that can easily be used as a scarf, an extra layer on the plane or an accessory to cover her shoulders or hair in other countries. Jennifer loves everything about our toiletry bags from the craftmanship to the quality of the details like its YKK zipper and adjustable suspender clips. Her favorite colorway is the magenta diamond stripe with its solid navy base. According to Jennifer, “the superpower of the toiletry bags is being able to toss it into the washing machine if something spills! Small leaks can be wiped out since the lining is waterproof but it’s really nice to have a fresh clean start after many trips.” Jennifer loves to travel anywhere that her family will go but she’s got a special love for Africa. Her favorite travel advice is to refill and repack your toiletry bag whenever you get home from a trip so it’s ready for the next departure. “It’s so satisfying when you pull out a toiletry bag that is ready to go. Traveling is fun, packing is not.”

Every savvy traveler has their go-tos and our team is no different. Having reliable travel essentials can make all the difference in ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey. It's all about being prepared and adaptable, ready for whatever your adventure brings!