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Introducing Eva

August 24, 2016

Introducing Eva

In previous blogs, we had the opportunity to introduce you to two of our backstrap weavers – Cleta and Yolanda. Today you will be hearing from Eva, one of our foot loom weavers and one of the original members of the cooperative of Mayamam Weavers. Join us as she shares her aspirations.

My name is Eva Velazquez and I am 37 years old. I have been working with the Mayamam Weavers for 9 or 10 years, I am not too sure. Before, I worked in the fields, planting onions, potatoes, cabbage, lettuce and other foods. The work in the field is hard. Now that I am working as a weaver, I like it a lot, although it isn’t very easy. I weave on a foot loom, it is something that I have learned. Sometimes we have to weave fabrics that are very complicated to weave. At times I am discouraged because I feel I won’t be able to do the new designs. But then when I succeed, it makes me very happy because I see that if it comes out well, I have work! 

Here in the group I am learning to read, write and speak Spanish. I know that it is important when we receive requests for special designs that I am able to understand how to weave what they want. Before, when I couldn’t speak Spanish, it was difficult to talk to the people who don’t speak Mam like I do. Before I worked here when someone spoke to me in Spanish, I could only look at them and I had to stay silent without being able to say anything. Now I can speak a bit with the Ladinos. One day I would like to be able to read everything that I see, or if I have to go to another town I can read the names of the streets, zones, and addresses that are written. That is why I go to my literacy class!

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