July 11, 2021

Getting a Grip in the Kitchen

Getting a Grip in the Kitchen

Whether it’s a Kitchen Gift, Pot Holder Gift, Squares or Grippers, our pot holders are some of our most popular products. Putting the “fun” back in FUNctional with a choice of 15 stripes, they are carefully constructed to hold back the heat and be easy to care for.

Each pot holder begins with our durable 100% cotton handwoven fabrics. Using a pattern, the seamstresses cut out each style of pot holder.  Just as in carpentry, if you don’t cut carefully you have to cut it again!

They also make bias tape from the same fabric as the potholders. That requires careful cutting and sewing on the bias. Those of you with sewing expertise know that working on the bias of the fabric can be a bit tricky since it stretches. That bit of stretch makes a precise cut difficult but does allow the bias to easily follow the curves around the outside edges.

The secret to the heat resistance lies within the “stuffing”. The potholders are lined with 2 layers of cotton batting and a layer of Insulbrite™, which is a special heat resistant lining made by the WARM company.   Once the layers are created, the seamstresses quilt the pot holders to hold everything in place.

Our barbecue mitts go one step further and add a layer of Nomex, a heat and fire -resistant fabric used by astronauts and firefighters in their uniforms.  Customers appreciate how long they are, protecting their arms while tending the grill.

Once the sewing of the pot holders is complete, each one is inspected by Blanca, our quality control specialist, before they are sold.  Not only can you purchase any of our potholders on our website, they available in our gift shop in Cajolá, Guatemala, too!  They make great gifts for bakers, chefs and new homeowners. For a complete look, pair a set of kitchen towels or an apron