March 18, 2022

A Tale of Soft Multi Stripes

A Tale of Soft Multi Stripes

You may have noticed, Mayamam Weavers is all about stripes. Stripes are quite literally in our DNA. We currently offer 15 stripes in a range of colors. Each of the stripes that we weave may have a different story, but often they are inspired by a traditional design from our community of Cajola.

Our Soft Multi stripe was the original stripe that the foot loom weavers wove. The color inspiration came from a popular backstrap pattern for servilletas, generous squares of fabric that are used to wrap tortillas or tamales, or carry bread to your neighbor. The colorway is still woven on the backstrap loom today. Our foot loom weavers interpreted this same pattern on the foot loom.  

Because the backstrap version uses more yarn, the colors are more intense. In the photo above, you can see two napkins that have been woven on the foot loom sitting on top of the original back strap woven servilleta. The backstrap weave also minimizes the impact from the color of the weft (the yarns that cross horizontally). On the other hand, the foot loom version softens the colors because the weft is white yarn.

Our first product made using the Soft Multi stripe was kitchen towels with a simple embroidery.  

We followed the towels up with bib aprons and table napkins. While we no longer offer the embroidered version, years later the Soft Multi still remains a popular stripe. We currently offer pot holders, placemats, kitchen towels, napkins and three styles of aprons in this bright, fun pattern.