Infinity Scarf Handwoven Windowpane Weave

The easy-to-wear infinity, or circular scarf, is the perfect accent for many outfits, it comes in a wide range of colors. Super easy to put on, just double it (or not) twist it (or not) and pop it over your head! This has been handwoven in our lightweight gossamer windowpane weave.

The scarf is 15” wide and makes a 66” circle. Champagne & Pearls is 10" wide.

 Hand woven in 100% cotton

Please dry clean your scarf, adding water to the cotton makes the yarn want to fill in the spaces, and the delightful gossamer effect will disappear.

Black & white Block
The Blues
Lime Yellow Metallic
Champagne & Pearls
Magenta Festival
Magenta Metallic
Tangerine Bright
Teal Earthtone
Turquoise Jewel
Violet Metallic

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