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Champagne & Pearls Scarves in Fringed or Infinity Style

Dress it up a notch with our Champagne & Pearls gossamer windowpane scarves.

The scarves have been hand woven in cotton in a a light and airy weave the weavers call "weave a little, leave a little". 

choose between a traditional style with hand braided fringe, or the contemporary infinity style.

The traditional scarf is 10 inches wide and 67 inches long. and we have finished it with a hand-braided fringe.

The infinity scarf is 14 inches wide and makes a circle of 66 inches. It is so easy to wear, just double it and pop it over your head!

Dry clean only -- if you put it in water the yarn will want to fill in the airy part. It will still be pretty but the weave will be very different.


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